Bar counter and authentic tavern interior (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Hunters Bar

Step into the world of Monster Hunter

Bar counter and authentic tavern interior (Photo: Tom Roseveare)
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Located in Tokyo's Shinjuku district, Hunters Bar invites Monster Hunter fans into the fantasy world of the hunting action game franchise. A collaboration between Capcom and Pasela Resorts, both fans and newcomers alike can experience the fantasy video game in a new light thanks to this authentic inn setting! Fans of the series can also marvel at the themed decor, food and drink line-up, Guild Card collection system and game merchandise available here.

The bar originally opened in March 2018, and was also followed by a pop-up location in Osaka's Tennoji area last summer.

What to expect

Just as the game-world inns provide a rest stop for weary hunters and travellers, Hunter's Bar aims to provide a social hub in Shinjuku for people to refuel and enjoy their night out thanks to the themed interior and incredible menu line-up inspired by the series.

Sure to attract visitors just looking for a drink with a difference, it's a compulsory visit for fans of the game too.

Bar counter and authentic tavern interior
Bar counter and authentic tavern interior (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Enter inside and cross over from the virtual world to the physical in this warmly lit, wooden interior reminiscent of a tavern from the game. Studded bar stools fill the bar interior while replicas of weapons, banners and foliage hang from the ceiling, adorn the walls and fill the corners.

A Palico is here to welcome you
A Palico is here to welcome you (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Greet the ultra adorable life-sized Palico at the bar entrance, or take on rival players head-to-head on one of the big screens connected to the PS4 systems! Hunter's Bar's welcoming atmosphere will make you feel at home as you indulge in your favorite game.

Photo: Tom Roseveare

Hunters Bar menu

The menu here is inspired by the game's inventory, and there's close to a hundred items you can choose from!

Come to the bar with an empty stomach to dine and drink as you can enjoy a full course meal from appetizers to delicious mains, delectable desserts and drinks.

Mm, So Tasty! Well-Done Steak (880z)
Mm, So Tasty! Well-Done Steak (880z) (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Sink your teeth into the 'Mm, So Tasty! Well-Done Steak' (880z), snack on the savory cheese fondue with fried potatoes, indulge in a parfait and top it all off with a Can you craft 'Mega Potion'? (750z) – actually a cocktail of Melon syrup soda!

Can you craft 'Mega Potion'? (750z) – customise to taste!
Can you craft 'Mega Potion'? (750z) – customise to taste! (Photo: Tom Roseveare)

Yes, expect to see the prices listed in Zenny, just like in the game! Of course, all prices translate directly to Japanese yen, so don't expect any problems paying.

Guild Card Collection

Hunter's Bar operates a Guild Card system for loyal hunters, that works in a tiered system promising rewards. See your progress—across bar visits, items ordered and stamps won—recorded as you work through the menu, with different items on the menu getting your different kinds of stamps.

Clear a Guild Card, by working through 10 food items, 10 drinks, and 5 visits, and be rewarded with an exclusive, original coin – with 5 designs on offer. More rewards are also on offer for clearing other Guild Card types – with a lucrative Gold Plate award on offer for those clearing all quests on all 4 cards.

Devoted Monster Hunter fans won't want to miss the chance to gain access to this exclusive merchandise, as they rack up multiple visits.

How to book

Secure your spot at the bar by making a reservation online or through the phone up to one month before the date of your visit. Each guest above 6 years old will have to pay a table charge of ¥500, which gets you a coaster and some welcome snack in exchange.

Why not consider a visit as the hype for the Iceborne expansion—due for release in September 2019—continues to rise?

Opening hours

Monday–Thursday, 17:00–23:00. Friday, 17:00-28:00. Saturday and day before public holidays, 11:00–28:00 Sunday and public holidays, 1100–23:00

English menus and website booking is now available since May 2019.

The Monster Hunter series recently celebrated 15 years since the first game's release.
The Monster Hunter series recently celebrated 15 years since the first game's release. (Photo: © Capcom Co., Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Getting there

A 2-minute walk from Shinjuku Station's Exit 15.

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