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Hunting Nanayo Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall hidden away in Mount Mitake

Sam Hardwick   - 2 min read

Growing up in the countryside, I have a natural urge to explore the great outdoors whenever I can, so after a bit of research Mount Mitake caught my attention. The appeal of the destination was that is is on the edge of Tokyo, yet a complete contrast from the usual busy lifestyle.

Catching the JR Line from Shinjuku you'll get to Mitake Station in less than one and a half hours, with a pretty reasonable price of just under ¥1000 each way. Mitake station looks over the beautifully blue Tamagawa River. You can get a bus from here to the base of the mountain, from where you can get a cable car to the top. Once at the top, there's a number of routes you can choose, taking you to various shrines and buildings. You'll even stumble across a whole village filled with amazing places for food, shops, and places to stay the night.

My mission at the top was to search out Nanayo Waterfall, so I headed straight for the village from where you're guided to the right spot. Off I went down the labyrinth of steps, twists and turns that take you all the way day through the forested side of the mountain. After a good decent, I started hearing the echo of a waterfall further on. Finally, I had found Nanayo Waterfall! It's in a great secluded spot amongst the forest; extremely calming. The waterfall, carving it's way through steep rock, had created quite a dodgy area to photograph! I got the few shots I could before moving on and walking up the stream that feeds Nanayo.

Sam Hardwick

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