Tomboy Indian Cafe Ikebukuro (Photo: Franki Webb)

Indian Dining at Ikebukuro's Tomboy

Affordable, authentic food in a chic atmosphere

Tomboy Indian Cafe Ikebukuro (Photo: Franki Webb)
Franki Webb   - 2 min read

For a Londoner, finding an Indian restaurant in Tokyo which not only offers bona-fide curries but also a vibrant atmosphere is no easy feat. Affordable modern Indian restaurants in Tokyo seem to be in vogue, but Tomboy in Ikebukuro, stylized as an Indian café, allows diners to enjoy both an abundant easy-going atmosphere and an array of premium cuisine. The interior is fashioned with beaded drapes which offer customers a more sophisticated vibe than your average Indian restaurant. For diners wanting a bit more intimacy, private rooms for parties and other events are available for hire, including a balcony area overseeing the bottom floor dining area. The decor boasts color and some traditional Hindu statues, which adds a bit of authenticity. The service team is dressed in black, so as not to draw attention away from the decor. Even though the waiting staff are Japanese, it is reassuring to see an Indian head chef supported by an entirely foreign kitchen staff cooking vivaciously in their open kitchen. There are cheaper places you could go and probably ones more genuine, but Tomboy offers an alluring mix of good prices, quick service and a chic setting.

Tomboy offers a variety of over 15 different curries and an assortment of naans to choose from such as garlic and cheese and the rich kabuli with added spice. On my previous visit, I chose the restaurant's recommendation the juicy "Ebi Labadar" which didn't scrimp on the prawns. Neither were they stingy with the spice on the aromatic Lamb Tandoori Masala, which foreign patrons should try as Lamb-serving restaurants are a rarity in Tokyo's restaurant industry. For dessert I asked the waiter for his opinion and he recommended the less Indian Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie, which after a mixture of spices pleasantly calmed the tongue. If you are feeling a little more gluttonous, you can choose the chocolate and fruit ice-cream sundaes on offer.

Even on their busiest days you won't need to book, as they'll bend over backwards to accommodate you, so come and enjoy a night of delicious food and I assure you you'll be licking your plate clean by the end.

Franki Webb

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