Interior (Photo: Maruyama Nori Store Co., Ltd.)

Jugetsudo Tea Shop

A modern, yet traditional tea experience

Interior (Photo: Maruyama Nori Store Co., Ltd.)
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Tea has long served as one of Japan’s most iconic beverages.

Rooted in tradition, yet constantly adapting to the tastes of new generations, the diverse drink transcends age, making it a must try for anyone visiting the country. For a dining experience that expertly captures the timeless nature of tea, stop by Jugetsudo Tea Shop.

Wide range of tea products
Wide range of tea products (Photo: Maruyama Nori Store Co., Ltd.)

Designed by famed architect Kengo Kuma and located in Chuo City’s Tsukiji district, Jugetsudo Tea Shop is a store and cafe where guests can enjoy all things tea in an eye-catching space. The intriguing design, characterized by collections of warped bamboo, is inspired by matcha whisks and traditional umbrellas and is meant to convey airiness. The billowing walls, coupled with natural wooden hues, create a refined atmosphere that embodies both tradition and modernity.

Matcha chocolate
Matcha chocolate (Photo: Maruyama Nori Store Co., Ltd.)

While the playful design is certainly one of the shop’s most unique attributes, at its core, it is still a tea shop. As you enjoy the welcoming ambience, peruse the store’s collection of quality tea products, including matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and roasted tea, as well as tea utensils and mouth-watering sweets. Some of the store’s most popular treats are matcha financiers, matcha chocolate, tea-flavored pudding, matcha ice cream, and even matcha popcorn! These snacks make for excellent souvenirs.

Matcha Mont Blanc Set
Matcha Mont Blanc Set (Photo: Maruyama Nori Store Co., Ltd.)

Aside from takeout, you can also enjoy tea sets inside the shop. Pair a delicious cup of tea with mont blanc, cheesecake, kakigori (flavored shaved ice), ice cream, and more.

The shop’s enchanting design and delectable treats make it a wonderful place to enjoy a peaceful tea break.

Getting there

Jugetsudo Tea Shop is a 2-minute walk from Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya line.

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