One of the Nail Arts design Mai offers. (Photo: Mai Onuki)

Keep up your Beauty in Tokyo

Tip Top Tap Private Salon will beautify your nails

One of the Nail Arts design Mai offers. (Photo: Mai Onuki)
Coline Giroud   - 3 min read

When traveling, one fear of all girls is to stay beautiful, especially when traveling for longer than a week. Maintaining our beautiful hair, moisturizing our skin each day, and finally, preserving a superb manicure during the whole trip. In fact, handling heavy luggage each day makes it far from straightforward maintaining that perfect manicure you got to celebrate going on your trip in the first place.

It can also be tough to find a beauty salon where you can confidently hand your nails to a beautician you don’t even know or not necessarily communicate well with. In my case, after some research, a cute salon with a cute name showed up: Tip Top Tap Private Salon. Everything is in English, and you only need to fill out their form to make a booking.

When I went to my appointment, I was slightly afraid of not finding the salon considering its B1F location, but you'll see a small sign with the menu from outside making it easy to find. In my opinion, the Private Salon concept is an excellent idea, it is easier to relax and you feel privileged as the exclusive customer.

Mai greeted me warmly and overall her English was impeccable. She quickly seated me in the armchair, started a movie to watch on the side and provided a blanket for my legs. After around 45 minutes, she finished my pedicure and begin with my manicure, where she gave me a little pillow to rest my arms. The armchair was truly comfortable I almost fell asleep several times.

The color choice for Shellac is considerable. As Nail Art in Japan is so popular, I was quickly convinced to accept a Nail Art manicure for my nails. With so many different Nail Arts classified by price, it was a difficult choice. I fell for a girly mermaid Nail Art design and she was particularly cautious, minute, and sincere, doing an admirable job. After completing my manicure, she massaged my hands skillfully.

I chose Shellac on my nails, however you can also try gel even though it is costlier than Shellac. Prices vary between 6,000–10,000 yen if you want a Shellac/Gel Nail Art manicure.

Finally, Mai Onuki is a perfect beautician who truly succeeded in making me feel like a special customer. I will definitely top up my experience by returning to Tip Top Tap Private Salon. The only negative point was that I didn’t have enough time to finish the movie!

Coline Giroud

Coline Giroud @coline.giroud

French student in a Business School, currently interning in Tokyo.