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Lauderdale Restaurant, Roppongi [Closed]

Excellent Breakfast and Brunch in Tokyo

Megan Steckly
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Last updated: Aug 16, 2019

Going out for breakfast is quite a bit different than going out for dinner; the excitement and rush of the night air and darkness are eclipsed into the quieter and more tranquil morning. In many places around Tokyo revelers can find themselves turning night into day and hard up for a nice quiet place to cap off a night on the town and enjoy a good breakfast. On the other hand it’s equally difficult for those who got to bed early to find a sumptuous café or restaurant at which to kick off their day of sight-seeing.

Though many international hotels serve very fine breakfasts, it can be nice to hit somewhere a bit more off the beaten track. One such local haunt is, Lauderdale; located in the Roppongi Hills area of Minato City. This French style restaurant is charming and the perfect place to join the locals for a fantastic breakfast.

Dining on the front terrace is highly recommended even in Autumn as the crisp morning air does wonders to open either travel or drink weary eyes. Lap rugs are provided when you are seated for the days that start off with a bit of a chill and tables are situated below heaters keeping you toasty while you eat. Do be advised however that you may encounter furry family members at nearby tables as dogs are allowed on the patio under the tables or in carriers and the locals are especially fond of their pets.

The menu is slightly limited for the average western-style breakfasts but the food is exceptional. Highly recommended are the pancakes with cranberry jam and whipped cream or the house special soufflés, which are exquisitely done. Other breakfast items available include omelets and eggs benedict, which are both quite popular. Order the set brunch and you can add on two rather unique sides for free to your main dish, including really lovely black coffee with cream and free refills. A few options are also available for those who would prefer lunch over breakfast.

With reasonably generous portions and the level of quality in the preparation, Lauderdale is quite reasonably priced for a nice brunch at a rate between 1000-1900 yen on average for the set menu. English menus are available and happily provided by the very efficient and friendly staff. Reservations are recommended for the weekend as it gets pretty crowded however if you get there before nine you’re likely to get a table.

Lunch and dinner services are also available on a similar scale with cocktails and a decent wine list to fill out the evening festivities.

Overall Lauderdale’s offers a tranquil setting to enjoy excellent food at reasonable prices. With its slightly more western feel, it also offers a sense of familiarity, easing you in or out of another day of travel and sight-seeing in this beautiful country.

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