Legato Bar and Restaurant, Shibuya

Outstanding views, fusion food and delightful cocktails

Alexandra Dorovici
Alexandra Dorovici   - 3 min read

Two minutes from Shibuya crossing yet far from the hectic vibes of the district that never sleeps, you can find a luxurious and classy space suspended in the sky fifteen floors above.

This dreamy space is called Legato. The spot is a luxurious dining place hidden in a corner of Shibuya, accessible through a glass elevator that takes you up through the E-space Tower. You arrive at a chic and classy lobby that leads to the prestigious restaurant.

Legato is owned by Global Dining Group, with a reputation for their acclaimed premium restaurants. The whole place is decorated in style: it has a nice, jazzy feeling and is illuminated by golden chandeliers. In the background, music from famous American musicals adds to the theatrical feeling of the place. There are two main sections: a dining section in the back of the room, and a bar section right next to the big panoramic widows.

The restaurant offers meals of the finest quality, including delicious treats such as foie gras or lobster. It is inspired from various cuisines and gathers Asian, American and European influences in the menu. A full gourmet meal can be had for an average of ¥3,000 per person, but there are also classical dishes such as pasta or pizza for around ¥1,000 if you are on a budget. Sometimes, the Legato holds special events such as Jazz parties, so it can be interesting to take a night out to enjoy dinner in an entertaining atmosphere.

There is a separate bar area, which is next to the panoramic windows. You can either choose to be seated at the bar or sit on a table facing the skyline. From there, you have a perfect view of the Shibuya rooftops. In the background, you may even see Tokyo Tower as well as Tokyo Skytree. ​The cocktails served at the bar are also really intriguing. I tried a Shiso Gin Tonic and a Mojito that both turned out to be really good. In the mojito, the mint was cut into tiny pieces and you could actually sip it with your cocktail. They range from ¥650-1500, which makes it affordable for such a nice view, and makes the Legato a nice place to relax when you are with your friends in Shibuya.

The Legato is a nice spot to visit either with a group of friends or as a couple, as it is entertaining, classy and romantic. The menu is suitable for diners of all price points. You can even order a single drink and head to the windows to enjoy the Shibuya skyline. When you take into account the fact that most rooftop sightseeing places charge you for barely taking the elevator and are very often crowded, this place is a special find allowing you to enjoy the beauty of Tokyo without the drawbacks of a popular viewing spot.

Alexandra Dorovici

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