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Nakano Beer Kobo

A soothing Brewpub in Tokyo

Sandro Bernardinello   - 2 min read

Hidden in a small street behind the Nakano Broadway, Beer Kobo is welcoming in a most relaxing way, from the exposed beams and the wood decor, to the small mezzanines where you can sneak up and recline on the floor. The feeling is accentuated by the private corners where you can tell your secrets without anybody listening. There are also other seating places, three against the wall and the others in two little booths. Behind a glass wall at the back of the bar sits the brewing equipment.

The last time I went there the price was ¥500 for a decently sized glass of anything on tap. They recently changed their pricing system and now prices vary depending on size and style.

The production varies during the year, this time they had six different beers available: blonde, pale, black and golden Ales, a Pilsener and a New-England-IPA. Considering the very narrow space, the selection is considerably wide and they serve some food as well.

It is clear that they have found a winning formula. Starting with one location in Koenji, they have now grown to a chain of brewpubs. You can also find them in Asagaya, Ogikubo and Nakano, with the last location the smallest of the four.

Getting there

Get off at the Nakano station, the place is a few minutes walk.

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