Takeshita starts right opposite the exit of JR Harajuku station (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi)

Omoshiroi Takeshita-dori

Takeshita is a famous fashion street in Tokyo

Elena Lisina   - 1 min read

Takeshita-dori (street) is funny (omoshiroi) in many ways! You can meet all kinds of people, see many new and unique fashion statements and accessories, and what-not, along this famous street! I always visit this street at least once whenever I get a chance to stay in Tokyo. Sometimes, it can be very challenging to take photos here as the street is always crowded. People don’t like to be caught up by a stranger’s camera, but I found “somebody” who didn’t mind to be photographed at all! I hope you can feel a great sense of the atmosphere at Takeshita through my photos.

Elena Lisina

Elena Lisina @shiroi.tenshi

I am interested in Japanese art, crafts, history and Shinto religion. Photography is my hobby, and there are many amazing places to capture in Japan.