View of snowy forest at Keyaki-zaka and Tokyo Tower (Photo: Febry Fawzi)

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Experience Roppongi Hill's illuminations

View of snowy forest at Keyaki-zaka and Tokyo Tower (Photo: Febry Fawzi)
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You won't want to miss the annual night illuminations around Roppongi. Beginning in November, these illuminations actually set the mood and atmosphere for the coming winter.

Roppongi Hills is one of the best places to see illuminations. There are three different places to enjoy the spectacular display of countless dancing lights. They are the Keyakizaka area, 66 Plaza, and Mori Garden. Also, it's a good time to catch the changing color of Tokyo Tower by the Tokyo City View inside Roppongi Hills.

The Keyakizaka Illumination is perhaps the most popular and decorated with blue-and-white LEDs. This view was been popular for the last 10 years. You can see this fantastic illumination walking along the 400 meters stretch of Keyakizaka. The idea is to create the mood of winter by putting 6000 LEDs in each tree. When you walk along this street, you can imagine yourself wandering in the middle of a snowy forest. Catch the ten-minute special light display every hour from 5 pm to 11 pm. The snowy forest will change into a warm, red candlelit atmosphere.

Tokyo will always celebrate Christmas. To make this Christmas a truly joyful one, step foot into 66 Plaza. Besides Louise Bourgeois' giant spider sculpture, you can also see a giant Christmas tree. Since this area is also located at the main entrance to Roppongi Hills, it is a great attraction for new visitors. Also, feel the warmth of the amber lights flickering. People also come to Roppongi Hills for the best views of Tokyo. If you cannot join the spectacular night view of Tokyo Metropolitan from the roof of the Mori Garden, then grab a seat at some of the park benches around Roppongi Hills to witness the changing color of Tokyo Tower at your own pace.

The illuminations around Roppongi Hills will be held until December 25th. You can see the lights daily from 5 pm to 11 pm. So after a hard, tiring day traveling around Tokyo, this is a great way to relax and finish the day.

Getting there

The Keyakizaka Illumination is located south of Roppongi Station on Keyakizaka Street.

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Find out more about Roppongi Hills.

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