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Serigaya Park in Machida

A beautiful spacious park in the middle of Machida

Daniel Vesey   - 2 min read

Serigaya Park in Machida is a spacious park full of paths, benches and the sounds of nature. It is very popular for cherry blossom viewing but it is still visually poetic anytime the sun shines. Various mini waterfalls and pools are situated throughout, giving off a very therapeutic backdrop to deepen levels of relaxation. A background of many trees, all a variety of different shades of lovely green, combine to make this park a highly pleasant place to be.

Along with an array of beautiful nature, the park has some very interesting man-made designs. One in particular is very quirky and probably holds the most powerful presence in the park. It is kind of like a windmill, with two huge beams that circulate while water gushes into the pool below. It makes for some attractive photos and peaceful entertainment, contributing really well to the calm vibe circulating Serigaya.

There are many paths that make this an ideal location for a good walk, and if you walk past the windmill-like design you will find the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts.

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