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An elegant mix of traditional theatre and cuisine, newly-opened Suigian restaurant elevates dining experiences for most. Located in the heart of Tokyo in Nihonbashi, a place with rich history is considered the birthplace of Edo culture.

Helmed by Hidetomo Kimura, the brains behind Art Aquarium, Suigian was envisioned as a place where people who usually don’t have the opportunity to appreciate Japanese traditional art can do so. Currently, there are only a few places where youths and foreigners can easily go and watch original traditional performances from Japanese culture. Kimura's hope to promote this art form by allowing easy access to it is now manifested in Suigian.

(Photo: Suigian)

The atmospheric lounge surrounds the main stage, where traditional performing arts such as Nou, Kyogen, Nihon Buyo are performed daily. The cuisine, crockery, and decorations are all chosen to immerse the guest in the traditional atmosphere – most of the objects come from the Edo, Meiji, or Taisho period.

A diverse menu includes fresh sushi, including oshizushi from Osaka, Japanese sweets, and tea. The price ranges from ¥6,500 to ¥18,000. Sit down and watch performances at three different timings: At lunch time (12:00–13:30), tea time (15:00–16:30), or dinner time (18:00–19:30). From 20:30–24:00, guests can order single dishes (¥1,200–¥1,700, with a table charge of ¥1,000 per person and 10 percent service charge).

Complementing the food is Suigian's wide array of drinks, including a matcha-infused beer that could potentially be a hit with matcha and beer-lovers. The bar is well-stocked and serves quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, making it the perfect place for a night out.

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