Illumination of Skytree (Photo: Shiroi Tenshi)

Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa at Night

A starry sky and mysterious walk

Elena Lisina   - 1 min read

At 634 meters tall, Tokyo Skytree is the tallest television tower in the world! On my first visit to Japan, Skytree was in the process of being built. In 2012, it finally opened! I went to Skytree in the evening as I wanted to see its illumination. The first observation desk was at the height of 350 meters. The view was an eye-opener to me and was really fascinating as Tokyo with a million lights looked like a starry sky! I could see the lines of streets, Sumida River, Tokyo Tower and even the Ferris wheel of Odaiba. From there I spotted a clear access line to Asakusa and decided to visit that area right after Skytree. When I walked to Asakusa, I was really pleased. Usually, Asakusa is very busy in the daytime, so it’s not as easy to take photos. But at night, Asakusa was almost deserted and the beautiful illumination made it mysterious.

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Elena Lisina

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