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Towered Over in Marunouchi

Exploring the business hub of Tokyo

Jeremy Yap
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Marunouchi is a district that’s cornered by the iconic 1900's Tokyo Metro Station and the Imperial Palace of the Royal Family. Nonetheless, it bears no resemblance to its historic neighbors and its definitely miles ahead in terms of development. Essentially, Marunouchi is the Central Business District of Tokyo and its financial hub. To it clearer, similarities can be drawn between Marunouchi to places like Avenida Paulista in Sao Paolo, Brasil or Canary Wharf in London. Marunouchi in itself breathes wealth and it oozes a business vibe all around.

The default attire here is therefore, the Japanese business attire which is white shirt, black jackets and black pants for boys or skirts for ladies (pants is okay too). Thus, if you come by the area with just T-shirt and jeans, you will definitely feel out of place (like me). I felt I was like a kid in a business world.

Moreover, giant skyscrapers rule this area as they shoot high up into the sky, making me feel rather small and dwarfed by their sheer size. Nonetheless, we have to appreciate the technological developments Japan undertook to even construct skyscrapers like this. The reason being is because Japan sits on the Pacific Rim of Fire. Hence, earthquakes and tremors do happen occasionally, there is also the prospect of the next big earthquake that may happen anytime.

Hence, skyscrapers like these needed precision engineering and top-class construction to withstand the impact of earthquakes and tremors. Just take a look at another city that lies in an earthquake-prone area, Santiago de Chile in Chile. In the city of Santiago itself, there are only 3 or 4 buildings in the city that boast the reputation of being 30 stories high. But here in Marunouchi, almost all the buildings were higher than 30 stories.

The buildings were also well designed and decorated, they were exquisite and there was an element of posh imbued into the atmosphere. You may find not find many eateries and convenience stores on ground level but they are all well hidden underground or within the buildings themselves. Hence, do give this place a chance and take some time to explore it. This is the place that makes Tokyo tick after all and what's more – if you are an architectural student, I reckon you will find this place absolutely insightful.

Jeremy Yap

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