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Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi

An upscale bookstore and Starbucks in Roppongi Hills

Logan Williamson
Logan Williamson   - 4 min read

Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi is an upscale, two-story bookstore located in the luxurious Roppongi Hills and one of the highlights of the area. A Starbucks is located inside Tsutaya and there is everything from interesting succulents to beautifully made hats and lavish collections of pens to unique phone cases.

A person could spend hours in Tsutaya and continuously keep finding new and intriguing treasures around every corner. This bookstore is a true paradise and is guaranteed to wow even the most uninterested passerby.

Tsutaya is not hard to find, as it sits on a corner of a very busy intersection with plentiful outdoor seating which is always crowded with people. A short walk away from luxury stores such as Louis Vuitton and Armani, Tsutaya fits right in with its surrounding stylish counterparts.

The Tsutaya Tokyo Roppongi logo greets you as you step inside with the Starbucks being immediately inside as well. The Starbucks has an open design with a multitude of options for delicious snacks and sweets. Cheesecake and doughnuts are offered along with several sandwiches that can be toasted when ordered. The baristas are friendly and attentive and even walk around and take orders from those sitting at the numerous tables in the surrounding area. The back of the kitchen has bar seating with a good amount of space to read a book or study.

Opposite the Starbucks lies the escalators and even more seating. There is a very large communal table and about five or six small, individual tables. I have visited Tsutaya at various times throughout the day and it is always crowded. People tend to bring their laptops and do work or read a book, so sometimes it can take while to land one of the coveted tables or chairs. Be prepared to wait.

If you aren’t interested in grabbing a seat and relaxing, the first floor also offers a huge collection of every type of book you could possibly imagine. There is something for everyone. Dozens of various types of magazines line open displays and everything from culinary to graphic design books line a great deal of shelves as well. There is even a small area of children’s books in the back and a table specifically dedicated to families and children.

Tsutaya possesses an incredibly impressive collection of photography, art, fashion and design books. I would highly recommend checking them out, as they can make excellent gifts and unique additions to your home. Once you’ve explored the first floor, head on up to the second level which houses a remarkably extensive DVD and music selection. If you are a movie buff, you will truly be in awe of their vast collection. There are DVDs in not only Japanese, but English as well, and you can find recently released blockbusters, anime, and everything in between. There is also seating on the second floor with both the tables and chairs lining floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over the outside scenery. Again, these are almost always occupied and it seems to be even more difficult to snag a table or seat up on this level. The view and quiet and relaxing atmosphere a perfect place to drink some coffee and read a book.

There is no photography allowed in Tsutaya, but I often saw people snapping photos. They also discourage people from eating or drinking at certain tables, especially upstairs, but that does not stop the majority of customers from bringing their coffees and snacks along with them. The employees are very polite and helpful and some also speak English. Tsutaya stays open until 4am, which adds to its convenience and appeal. Between the beautiful layout and design, the consistently busy Starbucks inside, and the sheer amount of unique books and DVD’s housed here, Tsutaya proves to be an absolute treasure among the Roppongi Hills area. You will not regret visiting Tsutaya and probably will find yourself coming back again and again.

Logan Williamson

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