Welcome to Uniqlo Akihabara Branch! (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)

Uniqlo Akihabara

A Japanese brand that suits huge sizes

Welcome to Uniqlo Akihabara Branch! (Photo: Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu)
Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu   - 2 min read

If you fancy adding a foreign touch to your wardrobe yet want to remain patriotic at heart, Uniqlo is the best Japanese apparel shop for you. It may sound like an international company, but it's of local origin, having established its first store in Tokyo. Indeed, it is proudly a Japanese brand.

Uniqlo is a chain store that deals in casual wear for men, women and kids. They also design and manufacture their products, providing hip, chic, comfy and classy apparel like denim jeans, button-down shirts, jackets, printed and plaid shorts, skirts, colorful scarves, and much more. With its touch of global style, it was not hard for Uniqlo to branch out internationally, and they've already established several branches in more than ten countries all over the world. They have already penetrated the market in Singapore, Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, the UK and the USA, among other countries, with more than a thousand store outlets.

Uniqlo Akihabara (Akiba), in particular, has not only maintained the brand’s world-class quality, but is also very good value. When you go around several clothes shops in Tokyo and compare the prices, you will find that Uniqlo is number one in the list of shops with the most affordable items, and not to mention, superior quality. Moreover, they often have special rates on weekends where prices are slashed down with up to 30 percent discounts. That’s not all; Uniqlo also provides flexible sizes for their tops, long and short pants and jackets. Several local apparel shops in Japan have limited sizes, with only L as the biggest one. However, Uniqlo gives more, with sizes of up to XXXL, giving a good fit to anybody who can't find their size in other shops.

Uniqlo Akihabara continues to attract both foreign and local shoppers to the small store, right next to JR Akihabara Station. It is strategically located on the second level of the Atre Akihabara mall, where it can be accessed through a connecting door on the ground floor. The shop is located at the eastern-most part on the floor.

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