Cappucino at Fuglen was the best I've ever tried (Photo: Olga Kaneda)

Why is Fuglen So Popular?

A closer look at a Nordic-born cafe and cocktail bar

Olga   - 1 min read

Do you like Fuglen in Tomigaya, a quiet place in between Shibuya and Yoyogi Park? It is very often crowded and busy but can also be a relaxing spot for an afternoon cup of coffee or an evening cocktail. Why is it became so popular recently? Sure thing, Japanese people love Nordic culture, artisan coffee, and of course a handsome foreigner among the staff is also a pleasant perk. At Fuglen I felt like I was at a busy kitchen, not at a real cafe. The kitchenware, coffee utensils and beans, and other things surrounding the visitors create a unique atmosphere that is worth paying for. I will definitely return there for another cup of espresso-based drink or a cocktail!


Olga @olga.kaneda

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