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There are two ferry services to Tokashiki Island. The larger Ferry Kerama takes 70 minutes, while the smaller but faster Marine Liner ferry takes about 35 minutes.
Although there are several cruising tours in Yokohama, I would love to introduce the cruise that has the most fantastic ship—the Royal Wing!
The cheapest way to reach Japan's rainforest island of Yakushima from Kagoshima on Kyushu is the daily car ferry, which has a range of facilities on board and good views during the voyage.

To travel to Japan's art island of Naoshima from the mainland, take the ferry from Uno; it's cheap, frequent, and you can enjoy a view of the Inland Sea's islands as you sail.

When visiting Asakusa, you have to see the Sumida river. Its wide banks and monumental bridges impress every Tokyo tourist. The view is stunning and it is a perfect place to relax and sit for a moment. You can have lunch while watching boats passing by or just take a walk along the shore and enjoy closeness of the water.
Matsue, being a castle town, has an intricate web of waterways running through the town, spreading out from the inner and outer moats enclosing the castle.
The Hikawa Maru is a cruise ship docked in Yokohama Bay. The cultural asset makes a great outing and is easily accessible being next to Yamashita Park. 
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