As the Three-Legged Crow Flies

Haguro-san of the Dewa Sanzan

By Kristin Osani    - 1 min read

Haguro-san, located in Yamagata Prefecture, is one of the three sacred mountains known as the Dewa Sanzan. Yamabushi, the followers of the Shugendo religion, visit Haguro in pilgrimage, but the mountain attracts visitors of all kinds year-round.If you need a spiritual recharge or are just looking for an easy, beautiful hike, Haguro-san is a great place to visit.

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Kristin Osani

Kristin Osani @kristin.osani

I lived and worked in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, as an elementary and junior high school ALT through the JET Programme from 2011 to 2014. Currently I'm traveling the world with my partner, whom I met my first year in Yamagata, and writing for a humorous news site called The Nose Milk. I also try to maintain my own travel blog, Slomads Travel. Eventually my partner and I hope to call Japan home; we'd love to live in the Kyoto area permanently.

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