Little dancer.
Little dancer.

Hanagasa Matsuri 2024

Celebrating the flower hat festival in Obanazawa

Hannah Warren   - 1 min read
Venue : Yamagata City When : Early Aug 2024

Obanazawa City is home to Hanagasa Matsuri, the 'flower hat festival' in which thousands of dancers flood the streets in a parade that goes all afternoon and well into the night.

The music and the dancing in Hanagasa Matsuri is said to have originated with the rice farmers of old and now ranges from complex and precise to wild and joyful.

Every year from August 26th to 28th, people from all across the region come to Obanazawa to celebrate Hanagasa in its birthplace.

Every dancer wears a colorful happi coat to represent their group, and a wide straw hat adorned with bright fake flowers.

As well as the dancers, there are floats, taiko drummers, and countless stalls selling food and drink.

Hannah Warren

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