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Azaleas alongside sea and mountain views = perfection!
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Azaleas at Mount Ohira

Drive up to the mountain's peak for blooms and views

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Venue : Mount Ohira, Yamaguchi When : Early - Mid May 2022
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Yamaguchi's Mount Ohira sits at just over 600 meters in height, and conveniently, visitors are able to drive right up to the top of it. During spring, specifically around mid-May, the summit is home to an impressive number of azaleas in bloom.

Along with the beautiful azaleas to appreciate, heading to the top of Mount Ohira also offers some great views out over the surrounding Hofu city area and the Seto Inland Sea. Be sure to bring your camera - the combination of the blooms, the sea and mountain views, and the open blue sky is well worth snapping a few shots of!

Getting there

Mount Ohira is located around 35 minutes by taxi from the JR Hofu Station, served by the Sanyo Main Line.

For those who plan to self-drive, the mountain is around 10 minutes from either the Sanyo Expressway's Hofu-Higashi IC (headed from Hiroshima) or the Hofu-Nishi IC (headed from Kyushu).


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