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Views of Kamo Island

Loop around a little seaside mountain

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Yoshimi in outer Shimonoseki on seaside Route 191 has a pretty little detour that doubles as a fishing spot. Turn with the signs for a fishing park next to the Sunny and the diversion makes a ring around a low tree-covered mountain next to the highway, traveling past a cemetery, a temple, a fishing marina, the Shimonoseki Fishing Park and back around again. The shore near the park gives straight-on views of a particularly striking island. Although it may look like three individual rocks coming out of the sea, Kamo Island is really just one rock with triple peaks. Rugged and covered with small trees, they make for a special sight.

Names in Japanese
加茂島—kamo shima—Kamo Island
下関フィシングパーク—shimonoseki fishingu paaku—Shimonoseki Fishing Park

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