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A Pleasant Day at Mother Farm

Enjoy a family day doing various activities on a farm!

George Popescu   - 1 min read

Mother Farm was founded by the same man who started the Sankei Shinbun newspaper and the Tokyo Tower. It is a large piece of land which houses many different animals, has an attractions area, a restaurant with an observatory on its roof, access to fun activities such as bungee jumping and zip lining and a few live animal shows.

It is a lot of fun for the whole family, but especially for children. They can join the pig race and try to catch one. They also have the chance to touch many farm animals, use the attractions area or create their own leather designed key chains. The adults will probably have to help with creating the key chain but it is a lot of fun and kids can imprint their own name on it, or even different symbols or animal prints. 

I would recommend this for both adults and children, it is a fun area and looks amazing in the summer, and of course, you can taste some delicious ice cream made with farm fresh milk.

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