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Daigaku Festival at Ikune Shrine

Centering around an impressive array of almost a hundred lanterns, this is a festival worth a trek to attend. If traditional Japanese entertainment isn't your thing, try your hand at festival games or eat some street food.

Tenjin Matsuri

Tenjin Matsuri, which literally means festival of the Gods, is one of the most symbolic water and light festivals in Osaka, held annually on 24-25 July.

Yodogawa Fireworks Festival

Firework (hanabi) viewing at Yodogawa River with half a million people. One of top ten ways to spend your summer in Osaka.

Otaue Rice Planting Festival

Japan reaffirms its deep connections with its staple crop at the annual Sumiyoshi Shrine rice-planting festival in Osaka on June 14th


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