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From the Kumano Sanzan route to the mountain temples of Koyasan
From the Kumano Sanzan route to the
the mountain temples of Koyasan

Discover Hokkaido
with JAL

A journey to remember


Discover Hokkaido

Japan's northernmost and largest prefecture

Unspoiled nature and the bounty of the sea are just two things that visitors to Hokkaido can look forward to. When you make a visit to Japan's northernmost prefecture you'll be surrounded by the great outdoors and seasons that truly showcase all that Japan has to offer. From large cities to sprawling countryside, high mountains to deep lakes, discover Hokkaido for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.



Gateway to the Okhotsk region

Memanbetsu is the ideal start point for discovering Eastern Hokkaido, unlocking beautiful landscapes and exciting things to do. As well as the Shiretoko National Park and drift ice walks at Utoro, try an icebreaker cruise departing off the coast of Abashiri or bird-watching cruises at Rausu — just some of them multifarious wildlife waiting to be discovered.

Getting around Memanbetsu

  • The Limited Express Okhotsk runs between Sapporo and Abashiri—via Memanbetsu—along the JR Sekihoku Line.
  • The Limited Express Taisetsu runs between Asahikawa and Abashiri—via Memanbetsu—in all seasons.
Memanbetsu Airport Map

Memanbetsu Airport

Flights from Tokyo 3 per day
Duration 1h 45m


Hokkaido's Eastern Port City

Visit the marshlands of Kushiro for an experience unlike any other. Being home to Japan's largest marshes, you can see rare, wild red-crown cranes dance and frolic in their natural habitat. This fishing port is also renowned having fresh seafood that can be enjoyed year-round.

Getting around Kushiro

  • The JR Ozora limited express serves as a connection between Kushiro and Sapporo.
Kushiro Airport Map

Kushiro Airport

Flights from Tokyo 3 per day
Duration 1hr 35m


A Land of Rich Traditions

With so much to experience in Obihiro and the surrounding areas, you may need more than one day. See horse-pulled sled races, soak in mineral-rich hot springs, and marvel at the the many vibrant gardens of the city.

Getting around Obihiro

  • The JR Nemuro Line services the Obihiro area.
  • Tokachi Bus runs services to Sapporo and Ashikawa (via Furano or Souunkyo) as well as an aiport shuttle from Obihiro Station.
Obihiro Airport Map

Obihiro Airport

Flights from Tokyo 6 per day
Duration 1h 35m


Located in the Heart of Hokkaido

Perhaps best known for the Asahiyama Zoo, the city of Asahikawa will surely steal hearts with their animal inhabitants, hearty Asahikawa ramen, and winter attractions. With easy access to many other locations in Hokkaido, Asahikawa should be a day-trip stop for any traveler.

Getting around Asahikawa

  • The Hakodate Main Line connects Asahikawa to Hakodate, while the Soya Main Line connects the city with Wakkanai; and the Furano Line allows easy local travel.
Asahikawa Airport Map

Asahikawa Airport

Flights from Tokyo 4 per day
Duration 1h 50m
Niseko Annupuri

New Chitose

Hokkaido's international gateway

From luxurious gardens to shopping malls, New Chitose has a wealth of places that you can reach with ease. Take a trip from the airport and enjoy window shopping at Rera Outlet Mall, Japan's most-northern mall, or explore the mysterious beauty of Lake Shikotsu, a lake that never freezes. You'll love all there is to experience in New Chitose, nearby Sapporo and further afield Niseko.

Getting around New Chitose

  • The Special Rapid Airport Express train connects New Chitose with Sapporo in 33 minutes.
New Chitose Airport Map

New Chitose Airport

Flights from Tokyo 16 per day
Duration 1h 30m


With Spectacular Sights and Seafood

Hakodate is known as home to some of the best seafood in Japan. This city on the southern tip of Hokkaido boasts a rich history and one of, perhaps surprisingly, foreign influence. Experience the touch of time as you explore fortresses and former residential districts alongside Japan's natural beauty.

Getting around Hakodate

  • Travel around Hakodate by tram lines operated by the Hakodate Transportation Bureau.
Hakodate Airport Map

Hakodate Airport

Flights from Tokyo 3 per day
Duration 1h 25m

Enter Hokkaido

Hokkaido can be easily accessed from around Japan, with some countries—like Australia—providing direct seasonal flights into Sapporo's New Chitose Airport. With many flights offered every day to various Hokkaido destinations, traveling to the northernmost prefecture has never been easier. No matter where you're staying in Japan, it's as simple as grabbing a direct flight and making your way north.

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