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Vegan Ramen in Kyoto

With the growing popularity of veganism, particularly in Japan, vegans can now enjoy ramen at both entirely vegan and vegan-friendly joints throughout the country. Here are three spots to check out in Kyoto.

Vegan in Osaka

The top 3 vegan restaurants in Osaka, specialising in soy meat chicken karaage, coconut curries, and tofu cheesecakes.


Enjoy delicious Chinese, Japanese and vegetarian food at lovely Heianraku, a cozy restaurant in Takayama.

Nagi Shokudo

Shibuya, Tokyo: Unlike many vegetarian restaurants in Japan that tend to have only a few plate-lunch style specials, Nagi's menu is varied, with over a dozen dishes to pick and choose from, not to mention a healthy list of libations. Some choicey bits are the soy meat with sweet chili sauce, reminiscent of karaage (Japanese fried chicken), a tofu and veggie curry simmered in coconut milk, a kabocha squash salad, a stir fry with mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, and carrots, and many other colorful and mouthwatering dishes.

Special Veggie Soba

In this video, Brian and Rina go to Kojimachi's "Soranoiro" to taste a very particular dish. The shop's special veggie soba is a bowl full of vegetables, as hinted by the name!

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