The colorful vegan antipasto plate (Photo: Plus Veganique)

Plus Veganique

Vegan, macrobiotic, and organic eats in Jiyugaoka

The colorful vegan antipasto plate (Photo: Plus Veganique)
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The Tokyo suburb of Jiyugaoka is known for its laid back atmosphere and European-style charms. There are a range of excellent eateries in this part of the city, and if you follow a vegan diet, one worth a visit is Plus Veganique.

The menu here is 100% vegan - none of their dishes include animal ingredients, food additives, or white sugar. You'll find different set menu courses available for their lunch and dinner servings, but one of the popular options at lunch is their colorful vegetable antipasto plate. Priced at ¥2000, the plate differs with the seasons but includes things like bruschetta, coleslaw, grilled vegetables, fruits, canapes, and more. Other lunch selections include their vegetarian lasagna with a soy milk bechamel sauce, or the brown rice paella, both of which come served with the soup of the day.

Plus Veganique also serve a range of desserts including gateaux chocolat, a mixed nut tart using rice flour from Kumamoto, and creme brulee made with organic soy milk, among others. If you're the kind of person that finds it hard to pick just one dessert, they also offer a sampler-style plate of three different desserts (¥1580) which changes daily - just ask the staff about what's on offer when you visit.

Another handy thing about Plus Veganique is they accept bookings for catering and orders for to-go lunch boxes if you live locally. For celiacs, several items on their menu are gluten-free as well as vegan, but they can adapt existing dishes on the menu to fit gluten-free requirements with advance notice.

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Getting there

Plus Veganique is located under ten minutes on foot from Jiyugaoka Station, served by the Tokyu Toyoku Line and the Tokyu Oimachi Line.


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