Sakura at Maizuru Park

A closer look at cherry blossoms

Tristan Scholze   - 1 min read

You’ve seen brilliant trees of white that sing of the coming of spring, and their sakura, or cherry blossoms. Perhaps you've sat under the flowers and felt a wave of happiness come upon you. You may even have felt the petals rain upon you when a breeze shakes the boughs. But have you looked closely at these individual blooms that collectively release Japan from the hold of winter? All photographs taken at the Fukuoka Castle Ruins in Maizuru Park.

サクラ(桜)—sakura—cherry blossoms
舞鶴公園—maizuru kouen—Maizuru Park
​福岡城跡—fukuoka-jou ato—Fukuoka Castle Ruins

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