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Japan's 2024 Cherry Blossom Projections

The first round of blooming estimates have been released!

Photo: Crystal Kay / Unsplash
Kim   - 4 min read

One of the most anticipated times of the new year is the release of projected sakura blooming dates from the Japan Meteorological Corporation. Their first round of estimates for 2024 came out this week, and it looks like there will be some earlier flowering dates than typical years.

The details regarding blooming dates in some popular locations can be found below:

A more complete list of destinations can be found on the Japan Meteorological Corporation website here. It's important to note that these are projections only, and the estimated dates can fluctuate depending on weather conditions.

There are typically multiple revisions made to the dates as we get closer to the spring season, so be sure to check the JMA website regularly for any new information. You can also download the SakuraNavi app (Apple Store here, Google Play store here) to keep informed of any date changes. We will endeavor to update this article once we're informed of updates from the JMC. The initial dates are a good place to start, however, if you're wanting to start locking in flights and accommodation. Cherry blossom season is one of the peak travel periods in Japan, so keep that in mind!

Ethereal views at Chidorigafuchi Moat, one of Tokyo's top sakura spots
Ethereal views at Chidorigafuchi Moat, one of Tokyo's top sakura spots (Photo: Yu Kato / Unsplash)

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To learn about the various types of cherry blossoms (there are many), explore this guide. Happy blossom hunting, and enjoy the spring season!


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