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Hanabi Restaurant, Enoshima

Beachfront restaurant with a view

Todd Wojnowski
Todd Wojnowski   - 2 min read

For all of its history and many things to do, Enoshima is a beach town at its heart. It’s the vibe you get walking down the street, doing your shopping, and even eating lunch. So stop in at Hanabi – a reasonably priced restaurant with good food that truly embraces what it means to be in a beach town.

What this restaurant really has going for it is atmosphere. It’s chilled, laid back, and makes you wish you were wearing sandals. The dark wood and the tiki theme makes it a perfect addition to your holiday to the beach, or just gives a little extra flair as you’re passing through. The big windows let you watch people carrying their surfboards down the street, or the seats upstairs offer a picturesque view of the sand, surf, and sailboats. If it’s nice, the upstairs also has a great outdoor balcony where you can eat surrounded by the sea air.

Hanabi’s food is pretty straight-forward, but delicious. Foodies looking for something unique and special should keep looking, but for those of us who just want to fill our stomachs before heading to the beach or the island, this is a great choice. There is standard Japanese fare, from ramen to curry and katsudon. Like basically all restaurants in Enoshima, there are plenty of dishes featuring shirasu, the dried baby anchovies that this area is famous for. Enoshima restaurants have found seemingly endless ways to work shirasu into their food, and Hanabi is no different. Admittedly, they taste better than they look. For those who aren’t as adventurous, however, have no fear. The simple dishes were fantastic, and the ramen was simply delicious. There is a tropical-looking bar on the second floor.

The menu is all in Japanese, but has plenty of pictures. Also, an English-speaking staff member hurried over when we walked through the door, eager to offer help and explanations about their food if we needed it. Single dishes were in the ¥700-¥1,200 range, while the “set menu” with side dishes ran a bit higher.

Getting there

Hanabi is located 2 minutes away from Katase-Enoshima Station (Odakyu Line). Simply walk from the station towards the beach, and Hanabi is located on the intersection of Route 134, the large street that runs parallel to the ocean. It is about a 10-minute walk from Enoshima Station (Enoden Line) and Shonan Enoshima Station (Shonan Monorail Enoshima Line).

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