Kugenuma Beach, Shonan

Take in the view of Mt. Fuji while at the beach

By Michelle Madden    - 1 min read

This beautiful beach offers excellent views of Mount Fuji on a clear day and Enoshima can also be seen just off the coast. There is a nice designated area for beach sports such as volleyball. The most popular activity here seems to be surfing; though the conditions were not good that day there were still a lot of people in the water. This beach has a great atmosphere with people walking their dogs, others practicing their kickboxing on the pier and cyclists riding along the concrete above the beach. Kugenuma is an hour outside of Tokyo, if you are keen for a beach day it is definitely worth the commute.

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Michelle Madden

Michelle Madden @michelle.madden

I'm a young South African who has traveled many hours to visit the land of the rising sun. I'm a film studies postgraduate, with an interest in cinematography and photography. My mission is to document as much of Japan as possible for the duration of my stay.

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