Kyoto Railway Museum (Photo: Christophe95 / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Kyoto Railway Museum Opens

Exhibition on railway culture progressing with society

Kyoto Railway Museum (Photo: Christophe95 / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Amanda Ho   - 2 min read

Anyone who has ridden a train in Japan has a story to tell. What makes Japanese trains different?

The Kyoto Railway Museum, formerly known as the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, opened last Friday to much fanfare. The museum boasts 53 trains that were formerly used, ranging from the first steam locomotive to recent Shinkansen models.

There is an operating simulator that allows visitors to experience the job of a train conductor, from the training the conductor undertakes during training, to the bags and tools they carry during train operation, and even to trying on their uniforms.

Visitors can experience riding in steam locomotives, by riding in trains pulled by actual steam locomotives. Each trip takes about 10 minutes. (A fee is required.)

Sky Terrace, is an open-air viewing deck on the top floor, from which visitors can see the many trains running on the JR Kyoto and Tokaido Shinkansen lines. There is also a restaurant and museum shop.

Definitely a must-visit for train fans!

Admission Fee: Adults 1200yen, University and high school students 1000yen, Junior high and elementary school students 500yen, Children (3 years and older) 200yen

Getting there

20 minutes by foot or 10 minutes by bus from JR Kyoto Station

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