Tomoko Kamishima

Kyoto Sennyu-ji Temple

Imperial family temple hidden in the deep forest

Tomoko Kamishima   - 1 min read

Sennyu-ji Temple, a family temple for the Imperial Family, is affectionately called Mi-tera by citizens. Temples are almost always situated in high locations, and so we usually look up to the buildings when we are at the gate. But in Mi-tera, the main building is placed in a the lower location and is behind a thick wood. It is as if the temple wants to hide in the forest from our view. Mi-tera also has a lot of highlights: a house covering a natural fountain source, a beautiful garden at the Gozasho Hall, a wooden statue of Yang Guifei (Yokihi) brought from the Tang Dynasty, Sei Shonagon’s memorial stone, and so on.

Tomoko Kamishima

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Japan is a small island nation, but we have a huge number of surprising things to discover here. Many of these delights can be found when you step off the main street onto small side paths. I really enjoy studying about and researching various aspects of traditional Japanese culture, and then sha...