A ride on the Gozaisho Ropeway gives you amazing views of the mountainous surroundings.  (Photo: Allie Tan)

Hotel Wellness Suzukaji

Relaxing mountain getaway in Komono, Mie

A ride on the Gozaisho Ropeway gives you amazing views of the mountainous surroundings.  (Photo: Allie Tan)
Allie Tan   - 4 min read

If you are looking for a quiet ryokan to spend a few days soaking your troubles away, but is still convenient to get to, HMI Hotel Group's Hotel Wellness Suzukaji could be the right choice for you.

Komono is a town to the north of Mie, known historically as the centre of the Komoro Domain (under the Tokugawa shogunate), and welcomes visitors to relax in this mountainous, whilst taking in the local attractions such as Gozaisho Ropeway and Yunoyama Onsen.

Welcome to the Suzukaji

Hotel Wellness Suzukaji, approximately 8–10 minutes from Yunoyama-Onsen Station and nearby Suzuka Quasi-National Park, has a total of 17 rooms, including single, double and larger rooms for families and groups, in both traditional Japanese tatami and more modern Western styles.

Even if tatami mats and yukata wear are not for you, don't miss the chance to soak up the tranquil atmosphere in the hotel's own hot spring, that uses waters from Yunoyama Onsen. Choose between the inside onsen baths or the outside rotemburo, complete with mountainous views.

Facility-wise the Suzukaji is fully equipped: relaxation areas, conference room facilities and a bookable banquet hall complement the aforementioned onsen as well as the hotel restaurant and a gift shop.

Restaurant 'Asake' seats up to 40 guests in full view of the mountainous valley outside. Morning buffet and Japanese-style evening course menus are provided. The breakfast buffet offers generous portions of a variety of both Western and Japanese foods, helping you start the day exactly how you like. The dinner menu showcases some Japanese classical cuisine (Kaiseki-style) as well as some local delicacies from the Mie region. Breakfast and dinner are included in the stay and for good reason – there are few alternatives in the neighboring region.

Local sights

Mount Gozaisho, a steep rocky mountain that stands at 1212 meters, is a must-see when visiting this area. You can either climb the mountain or take the ropeway, which is a 12 minute ride that takes you close to the summit for some breathtaking views. Even though miles away, Mount Fuji and Lake Biwa can be seen on a clear day! On the other side, you can admire the gentle slopes hills of Shiga prefecture, and spot the alpine plants that are in season.

Being close to Yunoyama-Onsen Station makes it very easy to travel to other areas on the Kintetsu line. From the station, you can catch a Mie-Kotsu bus to the Yunoyama Onsen area and Mount Gozaisho. From the bus stop, it is a 10 minute walk up to the ropeway. If you are drive to Suzukaji, there is parking for guests on the hotel compound.

Getting there

Hotel Wellness Suzukaji is about 8–10 minutes walk from Yunoyama-Onsen Station on the Kintetsu Yunoyama Line. With the nearest bus stop just a 2 minute walk, the famed Yunoyama hot springs and Mount Gozaisho Ropeway area are just a short bus ride away. The best locations in the area are close to the station, or close to the hot springs, and I personally would choose the station, so that it is easy to venture out to other parts of Mie Prefecture, or neighbouring cities in Aichi Prefecture.

Hotel Wellness Suzukaji is a great choice for a quiet weekend getaway. When you arrive, you will notice the stunning mountainous views – a scene which typically bursts into colour come mid-October when the autumn leaves arrive. It is possibly one of the best times each year to book your trip.

Allie Tan

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