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Cosmos in various colors can be enjoyed at the Ikoma Plateau
Cosmos in various colors can be enjoyed at the Ikoma Plateau (Photo: STA3816/CC By Sa 3.0)

Ikoma Plateau Cosmos Festival 2024

Colorful autumnal blooms in Miyazaki

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Ikoma Plateau, Miyazaki When : Late Sep - Late Oct 2024

Each year in autumn, Miyazaki Prefecture's Ikoma Plateau is filled with millions (no exaggeration!) of colorful cosmos flowers in a variety of different types. Along with the spectacular display of beauty to enjoy, the plateau also affords some incredible views out over the Kirishima Mountain Range and Kobayashi City.

As is the case with any flower festival, the dates can fluctuate slightly depending on exactly when the flowers bloom. Basing the dates from previous years, plan for around mid-September through until the end of October.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 600 yen.

Getting there

The Ikoma Plateau can be accessed via bus from the JR Kobayashi Station, served by the Kitto Line. Alight at the Ikoma-Kogen stop.

For those planning to drive, the plateau is three minutes away from the Miyazaki Expressway's Kobayashi Interchange. On-site parking is available, but it does tend to fill up quickly during the peak cosmos season.


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