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Summer Light Festival at Huis Ten Bosch

Lanterns, live performances, projection mapping, and fireworks

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Venue : Huis Ten Bosch When : Jul 7th - Sep 10th 2023

Lanterns hold great significance in Japanese culture, and they're used not only used for practical purposes but also have symbolic meanings. Lanterns are often seen in religious ceremonies, festivals, and traditional events, representing illumination, guidance, and spiritual enlightenment. They embody a sense of tranquility, beauty, and a connection between the physical and spiritual realms, adding a touch of enchantment to Japanese traditions and landscapes.

If you appreciate the ethereal quality that lanterns bring, an upcoming event at Nagasaki's Huis Ten Bosch theme park is set to provide a magical quality to this summer's evenings. The Summer Light Festival includes lanterns floating in the night sky, live entertainment, and incredible projection mapping displays depicting European townscapes. If that wasn't enough, there will also be fireworks displays to cap off the night's beauty.

Photo: Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.

Admission prices to the park differ depending on the pass you get, but a standard one-day adult admission is priced at 7000 yen. This doesn't just include access to the light festival, but the entire range of attractions the park offers.

Getting there

For those visiting the area via public transport, Huis Ten Bosch Station (Ōmura Line) serves the theme park. The travel time is around 90 minutes from Nagasaki Station.

For those who opt to drive, paid on site parking is available. Prices differ by vehicle size, but a small car is priced at 800 yen per day.

More info

Find out more about Huis Ten Bosch.


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