Oct 10th
Nov 15th
Cheerful cosmos at Nara's Hannyaji Temple
Hamachidori/CC By SA 3.0

Cosmos at Hannyaji Temple

Enjoy autumn blooms at Nara's Cosmos Temple

Kim   - 1 min read
Venue : Hannyaji Temple, Nara When : Oct 10th - Nov 15th 2021

Nara's Hannyaji Temple is often referred to as the cosmos temple for good reason - there are approximately 150,000 cosmos flowers here, encompassing 30 different types. The best time to catch them in bloom is around the first week of October through until mid-November, but do check their official website for updates - they update their blog with seasonal flower information regularly, so you'll know when the cosmos are at their best.

Along with the beautiful flowers to enjoy, the temple is a fascinating one for history buffs - it dates back to the year 629.

Adult admission to the temple grounds is priced at 500 yen.

Getting there

Hannyaji Temple can be easily accessed by bus from the JR Nara Station. Head to bus platform 11 and take the Kunimidai 8-chome Line bus until you reach the Hannyaji bus stop. The temple is just a few minutes away on foot from there.

For those who plan to drive, on-site parking is available which is charged at 500 yen per regular vehicle during cosmos season.


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