Bryan Baier

Dorogawa Onsen Ryusenji Temple

Autumn at a Nara Mountain Gem

Bryan Baier   - 1 min read

When a maple tree in full autumnal fire next to a pond brought me and my rented to scooter screeching to a halt for a photo I didn't realize just how big and fulfilling the adventure was going to be. The maple tree and its pond were on the edge of the grounds of Ryusenji Temple in Dorogawa Onsen in the Mountains of Nara. Walking around the pond to get a reflection shot led to the discovery of more and more of Ryusenji and of the gorgeous colors igniting its grounds with unburning autumnal fire. The temple's monks and grounds keepers were happy and eager to inform guests about the temple's history and folklore and suggest places one should go to get the best shots possible.

Bryan Baier

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