Hotel Cube in Central Nara

A contemporary hotel in a city with history

John Carter
John Carter   - 4 min read

Japan’s ability to seamlessly mix tradition and modernity is evident all over the country and can be a decisive factor in choosing a place to stay while visiting. With both Ryokan and western style hotels as options, choosing a more modern dwelling is just as good a decision as any.

Just 10 years old, Hotel Cube in Nara is a contemporary building located in a city with a rich history. The hotel is aptly named as the décor has a post-modern styling with many room types available. Currently a renovation is taking place aiming to further modernise all rooms, though of course the hotel is stylish in its present state. Many of the available rooms are already styled in the desired future motif and each one possesses its own unique features and personality. Of course appearance means a lot but size also plays a key part in making a room a comfortable place to stay. With this in mind Hotel Cube offers more than ample space making relaxing as easy as it should be.

Amenities are always provided in Japan and I find this to be a real luxury aspect of my stay. The hotel provided everything you could need from the more normal bath towel and refrigerator to an extremely convenient and reasonably priced bike rental service. With this facility available, seeing the city could not be easier but of course without a great locality this may not be so helpful.

Décor, room size and amenities all form together to make a hotel a place that’s worth staying at. Of course when these aspects are perfectly balanced with location you get everything you could hope for and Hotel Cube is one such place. A short distance from both JR Nara and Kintetsu Nara station the hotel lies central to a host of the city's world heritage sites. Upon arrival I was presented with a tailor made map the hotel produced specifically for tourists that details all the sites one may like to visit in quite a large radius. The receptionist also took the time to ask me my taste in Japanese foods and drink and began to mark possible restaurants and Izakaya (Japanese style pub) on the map I may be interested in. This hospitality on such a personalised level was something completely new for me and when I ventured out on the evening of my stay I found myself comfortably exploring a new area of the city and finding the perfect place to eat. I was also told of an excellent view of Nara’s five-story Pagoda. Located about two minutes down the road I easily found the spot and it must be one of the most enchanting areas of the city at night. A large pond encompassed by the pale orange glow of paper lanterns I sat on one of the benches and gazed up to see the pagoda standing tall: a marvellous pillar of light in the night sky. Pamphlets on surrounding attractions at hotels are pretty common but local knowledge like this is always a special bonus.

The hotel has everything you could desire and making the most of your stay here in Nara couldn’t be easier. From the city's temples to the spots only local knowledge can guide you to, Hotel Cube couldn’t be a better place to stay. Naramachi, Kofukuji Temple and Taritsu restaurant is within walking distance, while Round One sports, Karaoke and entertainment centre is just one stop away on the Kintetsu train or five minutes by taxi in Shin Omiya.

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