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Beautiful roses at Echigo Hillside Park
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Echigo Hillside Park Rose Festival

Enjoy a range of rose varieties and colors in Nagaoka

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Venue : Echigo Hillside Park, Nagaoka When : Early - Mid Jun 2022
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From around early June to mid-June each year, Nagaoka's Echigo Hillside Park is home to a rose festival, with blooms in a variety of different colors and from different regions of the world. Along with the visual treat that the roses present, there are also a range of rose-themed items for sale, including rose-flavored soft serve ice cream at the on-site Rose Cafe.

Do note that since the festival dates are reliant on when the roses bloom, there can be some fluctuation from year to year. Please visit the official website for further information closer to June.

Adult admission to the park is priced at 450 yen. Children who are junior high school-aged and younger receive free admission.

Getting there

Echigo Hillside Park is located around a 10 minute drive from the Nagaoka Interchange of the Kanetsu Expressway. Paid on-site parking is available, at a cost of 320 yen for regular vehicles.

Buses are also available from Nagaoka Station (Joetsu Shinkansen, Joetsu Local Line, and Shin'etsu Main Line) to the park. Head out of the Ote Exit, and take the New Town Bus via Sekihara from Platform 6. The bus ride from the station to the park takes just over 30 minutes.


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