doorway with chōchin (paper lanterns) (Photo: Joe Robinson)

An Osaka Night Wander

Exploring the area around Momodani station, Osaka.

Joe Robinson   - 1 min read

For the first half of my Japanese trip I was staying in a hostel around the corner from Momodani station, in the Tennoji area of Osaka. I had bought a tripod in China and I wanted to get my money's worth, so one night I dragged my friend out into the neighborhood. For me, the lanterns of quiet shrines, fluorescent lamps of deserted markets, and invitingly illuminated doorways all contribute to Japanese cities being the best places in the world for street photography at night.

Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson @joe.robinson

21 year old Chinese Studies student at the University of Sheffield, UK Keen photographer (film and digital) and lover of all things East Asian In Tokyo for July 2016!