Getting to Namba from The Swissotel

A photo guide to navigating Osaka's entertainment area

By Kazuto Ooyama    - 1 min read

The Swissotel is the most famous and largest hotel in the Namba area of Osaka. It therefore has a few entrances. Each entrance is the gateway to a different area of Namba. So if you choose the wrong entrance, you will have quite a roundabout walk ahead of you. Therefore, I would like to introduce the best way to go to or leave two of the biggest entrances. But, I should also mention the Japanese proverb that says: “The longest way round is the nearest way home”. So don't worry; even if you choose a roundabout way, you will see more and various exciting Japanese scenes!

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Kazuto Ooyama

Kazuto Ooyama @kazuto.ooyama

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