Kyobashi shopping arcade (Photo: Baudewijn Pronk)


The overlooked Osaka night life

Kyobashi shopping arcade (Photo: Baudewijn Pronk)
Baudewijn Pronk   - 3 min read

Surely every one is familiar with famous Osaka pleasure districts Umeda in the north and Namba in the South, so here is a look at the often overlooked district of Kyobashi. Just a few stations east of Osaka station on the JR loop line, Kyobashi is an important train hub that is also serviced by the city Subway and the private railway Keihan.

Just south of Kyobashi station lie Osaka Castle Park and Osaka Business Park. The neighborhood has a distinctly old fashion feel to it. As if it got stuck in the 1970’s. At the heart of this is the “Grand Chateau” building which houses within its glory of days gone by a variety of entertainment venues ranging from video games arcade via karaoke to sauna. Surrounding that is the shopping arcade filled with restaurants and bars.

Take the JR station North exit and make a sharp right to get to a little street with a real historic feel and a great line up of “standing” bars. If you can fit, here you can drink and have a snack while literally rubbing shoulders with the locals. Walking the narrow streets you will notice they are lined with boys and girls inviting you to their bar. Follow the roofed shopping street north and across the street you will find another one called “Begin Kyobashi”, this one houses even more cheap restaurants and karaoke. Walk till the next intersecting street and to you left you will find Karaoke Box “Konpo”. A fun little place that is very very cheap. From just 170 yen/ 30 min. in the evening you can get a room and sing to your hearts desire or from 290 yen/ 30 min. with free unlimited drinks. An hour or so of karaoke is always good to get you in the mood for a night on the town. Try the traditional Osaka dish of Okonomiyaki at “Fue”. As the last of the salary men scamper for the last of the trains the streets will get empty just before midnight. If you are not on the last train fear not for there are some pleasant bars that go on all night long. Try bar “Pacha” at the most east point of the shopping arcade. The friendly staff and English menu can show you the way to a good night out.

Baudewijn Pronk

Baudewijn Pronk @baudewijn.pronk

Baudewijn Pronk is a Dutchman living and working in Japan since 2009. Before coming to Japan he studied Japanese language at Zuyd College in Maastricht, the Netherlands.