Enter a  virtual world of magic and adventure. (Photo: Vicky Amin)

Space Station Game Bar Osaka

The next stop bound for your childhood

Vicky Amin   - 2 min read

Chiptune music sent chills up my spine as I stood in one of Amerika Mura’s alleys. It was pretty late, but it didn't stop me from climbing the neon staircases. As my accommodation HOTEL MYSTAYS Sakaisuji-Honmachi was nearby, I entered the Space Station—and my jaws dropped.

Retro consoles placed neatly by the bar counter enticed me as if they knew I would kneel before them. Though the room was nearly dark, I could spot newer gen consoles on the other corners of the bar, calling me with its big flat screen—but no, there weren’t the ones. After I placed my order I went straight to Super Famicom and Super Nintendo instead, obsessively playing like a four year old.

The Space Station Osaka is more than just a video game themed bar. It is an endless time machine. Whether you come here together with a group of friends to compete in the latest multi-player racing games, or crash here alone and step back in time with vintage consoles, there will be no such thing as “game over”.

Vicky Amin

Vicky Amin @vicky.amin632

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