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Morioka's Fesan Department Store

Morioka's Fesan Department Store

Bridget Ye

#39;s shops, in addition to locally brewed sake and beautiful wagashi, traditional... These delicate little confections, traditionally served during tea ceremonies

Ken Chan Candy Store

Ken Chan Candy Store

Amanda Ho

packed items, there were also the usual snacks found in supermarkets or souvenir... They had really looked like usable pencils, which made great souvenirs

Utsunoya Roadside Station 10

Utsunoya Roadside Station

Peter Sidell

countryside near Shizuoka in central Japan, Utsunoya Roadside Station isn't actually a station: it's somewhere to get hearty Japanese food and buy souvenirs,

Shizuoka 2
Shinjuku Nishiguchi

Shinjuku Nishiguchi

Takane Shoji

Forgot to pack your cell phone charger or need to buy some souvenirs?... worry for right outside of Shinjuku Nishiguchi, you will have access to traditional

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