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A Special Exhibition "The NINJA - Who Were They?"

Miraikan's new summer exhibition has a special guest

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Miraikan, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, launched its latest major exhibition dedicated to all things ninja titled, "A Special Exhibition "The NINJA - who were they?"". Loved around the world across film, anime, manga and video game appearances, the truth about Ninja is showcased and celebrated at this new exhibition in Odaiba.

Ninja combined elite abilities across mind, skills and body (i.e. ninjutsu) with practical knowledge spanning nature and wider society. At Miraikan, learn all about the ninja themselves but also enter their world by taking the opportunity to train in the art of stealth and espionage, including shuriken ('ninja stars'), jumping, memory-enhancing techniques, secret messaging, and advanced breathing techniques.

All these training can be tried out by everyone attending the exhibition, to see if you are fit to be a ninja!

Aside from the special ninja training where you can get to see how ninja improved their senses through particular methods, all the tools that they used, from weapons to medicine and disguises, are shown and explained in a very interesting way, both in Engish and Japanese!

Hello Kitty collaboration

Also, the event includes an exclusive range of limited edition starring the iconic Hello Kitty alongside the exhibitions own ninja celebrities, Shinnosuke, Giemon and Taizou.

Original designs of tin badges (capsule toys), which you can see above, along with many more limited edition products are available exclusively at the event.

In addition, those who opt to buy an advance, limited ticket at 7-Eleven received a limited edition, original clear file set and Hello Kitty tin badge set (original design not for sale) (redeemable at the exhibition site on a first come, first served basis).

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