A Stroll Down Memory Lane in Tokyo

Omoide Yokochō is a small alley filled with yakitori

By Kaitlynn Scannell    - 1 min read

Memory Lane also known as, Omoide Yokochō, is a small alley filled with yakitori joints, and is located on the west side of Shinjuku Station. Yakitori (literally 'grilled chicken') cuisine implies skewers of chicken alongside other meats and vegetables. The traditional yakitori-ya restaurants here are essentially small stands with chefs grilling skewers on the charcoal right in front of hungry customers.

Yakitori restaurants are often crowded with young adults and office workers. It is an informal atmosphere to unwind after a long day with a cold beer or sake. The yakitori restaurant that I was able to dine at was served all pork with 5 different skewers, including thinly sliced pork belly. Most restaurants have English menus and it is a definitely a must see when visiting Shinjuku.

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