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A Trip to the Meiji Shrine

A beautiful evergreen forest in the center of Tokyo.

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When visiting Tokyo for the first time, everything might seem overwhelming in the beginning. The city is big, loud and always busy. Nevertheless, there are some spots in Tokyo, which offer tranquility amidst the turmoil of the big city life. One of my favorite places is the Meji Shrine.

Not far from the Harajuku Station (JR Yamanote Line), the shrine is located in a forest of the size if 70 hectares. You can stroll around the park and enjoy the evergreen forest (120,000 trees in total!), sit by a lake in the Inner Garden and watch turtles living a carefree life, and pay a visit to the Meji Shrine itself. You can walk through the park in one go, or take your time and spend a couple of hours in the forest. It's especially enjoyable on a hot day, as the trees protect you from the sun and the air is refreshing.

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