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Baba Ramen: Hands-on Cooking Workshop

Craft the perfect bowl of ramen like a pro in Tokyo

Photo: Tom Roseveare
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Experience the world of Japanese cuisine first-hand by joining a ramen workshop in the heart of Tokyo. With Baba Ramen, discover the secrets of crafting this delectable dish and gain insights into unique techniques and the art of perfecting broth, noodles, and toppings.

Baba Ramen is an exciting and full-on intensive cooking class that will take you through the complete ramen preparation process from scratch.

This ramen workshop is led by Andrew Baba Rowe, a ramen master chef (and enthusiast) who has artfully distilled ramen’s typical multi-day cooking process into a fun and intensive 3.5/4-hour workshop session that will see you eating the perfect bowl of ramen by the end.

After an introduction to ramen’s history and some of its unique terminology, Andrew masterfully directs the group (up to 7 people) into different sub-stations to help craft the different components, like preparing chicken/pork bones/vegetables for the two kinds of soup broth or preparing filling for the gyoza dumplings.

At key intervals, the group combines to work together along the main counter, to prep individual portions of noodles (from flour and lye water) and, later on, rolling and tying slabs of pork belly (braised and transformed into sliced char siu topping). This adds a fun sense of competitiveness to proceedings and time to get to know other participants, while also guaranteeing you’ll be eating a bowl of ramen that you have personally crafted by the end.

With so much to follow and learn on the day, you might be wondering how to keep up but Andrew’s gentle and patient teaching approach (in English) will ensure you’ll always know what you’re doing and why. For anyone less skilled in the kitchen, Andrew’s helping hand will keep you on track and—what’s more—you’ll receive a comprehensive 25-page ramen cooking guide at the end of the workshop containing many of the secrets from the session.

What’s included?

Prices start at 18,500 JPY for the 3.5 hour session, which includes pickup, workshop experience (where you’ll make two kinds of broth, noodles, gyoza and ajitama egg and char siu pork toppings), the ramen and gyoza lunch (with free drink), as well as a goody bag including a comprehensive 25-page recipe guide and any surplus gyoza if you choose to takeaway! A vegetarian version of the ramen/gyoza course is also available.


Day classes: Meguro

Baba Ramen’s day classes are hosted at Meguro’s Richill, a cozy ambient Izakaya-style restaurant that comes equipped with everything needed to turn out quality broths, delectable toppings and freshly prepared noodles. Richill’s owner-chef, Endo-san, is also on hand to help keep both the group on track and the kitchen spick and span as the pace picks up!

Richill is just a 10-minute walk from both Meguro- and Fudomae Stations (and minutes from Ebisu’s famed blossom-lined Meguro River). Andrew arranges an in-person pickup to help ensure guests walk the right way and make it on time.

Hours: 9am–12:30pm (Sun: 10am–1:30pm) (3.5 hour sessions)
Booking URL:

Evening classes: Roppongi

Due to massive demand, Baba Ramen now also offers evening classes. Hosted at an exclusive, private restaurant in Roppongi, the evening session offers a more relaxed vibe and slower pace — great for groups of friends! Here you’ll get to try making tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen served with Wagyu beef. Upon arriving, you’ll receive a free glass of champagne and will have the option to buy additional drinks thereafter.

Booking URL:

The Roppongi location, shown above, is ‘secret.’ Once you book the class, Baba Ramen will send you a Google Maps link with the restaurant’s exact address.

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