View of the temple (Photo: Naomi Isaka)

Meguro Fudoson Temple

The history and heart of Meguro

View of the temple (Photo: Naomi Isaka)
Naomi Isaka   - 2 min read

Meguro Fudson is a very charming and quaint temple that holds important history for the area of Meguro. It offers a very peaceful atmosphere aside from the commotion going on on the streets outside.

Only a ten minute walk from the Tokyo Meguro Line, Fudo-mae Station, rests a Buddhist Temple dedicated to Fudo Myoo, otherwise known as the "Wisdom King." The name of the surrounding area of Meguro acquires its name from the black-eyed statue of Meguro Fudo. Outside of the temple are lots of opportunities for shopping, and a recommended eel restaurant to top off a great afternoon of sightseeing and history briefing with a delicious lunch.

The temple itself is a relatively large compound that is tucked away and surrounded by towering trees, creating a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The area is illuminated by beautiful hydrangea and azalea during the summer months that add to the beautiful scenery. There is a small waterfall and pond located right inside where it is to be said that individuals would stand under them to cleanse themselves. The Monk who founded the temple was also said to have thrown his staff on the ground to decide where to place the temple, it landed in this location and a spring emerged.

The temple also is well known for being the resting place of the famous agricultural scientist Konyo Aoki, otherwise known as "Dr. Potato," for his encouragement of the sweet potato in Japan. The temple now holds annual sweet potato festivals each year in his remembrance.

Something else you may see while you are visiting the temple is individuals performing the singles ritual. Individuals believe that if they perform a certain ritual and confess what they are looking for in a lover, their wishes will hopefully become true. Men and women will each perform the ritual in a different way, depending on their gender. Outside of the temple across from the compound is a tiny shrine that offers beautiful greenery and a small pond with wildlife as well.

Naomi Isaka

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